Jewellers Display Consultants present the Quatro Jewellery Display

Jewellers Display Consultants present  the latest in The Creative Point of Sales line of jewellery and watch display units. Email


This is an example of the creative jewellery and watch POS displays produced by Jewellers Display Consultants. Other designs and styles are also available, and please contact us for further details.  

About Jewellers Display Consultants.  We have been designing and manufacturing high quality jewellery displays for all sizes and types of jewellery shops since 1982, over 30 years!

All the jewellery displays we sell we design and manufacture ourselves at our workshop in Surrey.

We are a genuine UK manufacture of high quality hand made and finished jewellery displays.

 We also supply complete POS display units either from our standard range or again designed to your exact requirements.

We design and manufacture jewelley displays for entire SHOP WINDOWS / shelving with under lighting. PADS shapes DIAMOND/OVAL/SQUARE in all sizes to match your existing displays.

We offer a wide range of luxurious fabrics in a comprehensive range of colours across all our jewellery display products.  We are also able to RE-COVER your existing displays PANELS / SHELVING / BOLCKS / AND PADS [2/3 days return] AND SAVES YOU MONEY.

Finally, we pride ourselves on our customer service and personal attention to detail and quality on all sales.

We believe in providing you with the best products and a first class personal service that is second to none.

 Our complete installation service covers the design and manafacture of complete shop window displays.
  One of our recent projects was for Laing Jeweller in Scotland.  

  If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us either via phone or email, 

  I will be happy to answer your questions. Keith 07718740533  Email

Keith Roberts
Jewellers Displays


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